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Overview of Riigipilv IaaS services

Estonian Government Cloud / Riigipilv provides a growing number of validated services that can be used by public sector and ICT companies for delivering applications for public sector quickly, cost-effectively and safely. This article describes a typical setup of an Infrastructure-as-a-Service application highlighting how Riigipilv services fit into the picture.
This article is intended for people that have technical background and would like to understand how Riigipilv can fit into their business process.

As picture is worth a 1000 words, let's start with one.

This diagram depicts a situation, where a Riigipilv customer is:
  • Running an application with 3 environments: Development, Staging and Production.
  • Staging and Production are running in two geographically different sites with a shared internal network.
  • Internal tools (e.g. code repository, container registry, CI/CD) are deployed in a separate environment on Riigipilv.
  • Environments have external access through State network connection to public Internet, in addition Production environment is directly connected to customer's corporate network.
  • To speed up migration and adaptation of existing services, Riigipilv experts have been used.
To get to this situation, the customer has signed a frame agreement with RIKS and got access to the self-service for requesting and managing Riigipilv services. We aim at providing as many services as possible in fully automated fashion, however some of them require additional human intervention (e.g. migration support or establishing direct line to corporate network).

IaaS service is a very generic one and is aimed at majority of the customers. It is priced in a flexible manner -- you pay by the maximum quota of CPU/RAM and Disk on a dayly basis. All operations, including creating of private clouds on IaaS are doable via API and can be integrated with your CI/CD pipelines.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to klient@riks.ee and we will do our best to answer them.

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