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Introducing Marketplace

On May 7th we have enabled a new module for publishing, requesting and managing services provided by Riigipilv. Inspired by e-commerce sites and UK Digital Marketplace, we call it Marketplace. It is still in its early days, so please be understanding and forgiving, if needed. Any comments and ideas for improvements are very welcome in the form of tickets from Riigipilv Self-service portal  or via email to klient@riks.ee

New landing page for service list

The view is inspired by e-commerce and groups all of services under a particular category. Over time we are going to expose various attributes of services for increased transparency and ability to compare services. For now, a minimal set of data is exposed. Once we validate that a certain aspect can be published, we will be adding it for the existing services.

Requesting a service

We have aligned pricing packages and changed the names to Plan. Plan defines how you would pay for a particular service. If there are more than one plans, these can be switched by user at any time.
Plan can contain different components, in particular:
  • Fixed pricing - you pay a particular fee for each period of time (e.g. day or month);
  • Usage-based - what you pay is based on the consumption reported by service provider. In some cases, as a client, you can request to limit reported usage by a certain maximal monthly or overall value.

Approval on checkout

Previously, it was not possible for some roles to request a service, e.g. a new private cloud. With a new Marketplace, we have addressed this shortcoming by introducing ability to request approval from the person, who can make a financial decision.

If you have a permission to buy a service, it will be done automatically -- alternatively, an email with request for confirmation will be sent to the organization owner.

Changing a plan

If you would like to change billing Plan of the resource that you have, you can do it by going via Actions menu of each resource. Selecting "Change plan" will provide an option to request a new one. If service delivery is fully automated, the plan will be changed at once. Alternatively, changing the plan will generate a ticket. Once that ticket will be resolved, the plan will be updated.

Orders and Resources

There are two new concepts that we introduce with Marketplace:
  • Order - a concept corresponding to request from the customer towards Riigipilv. Order can contain one or more of OrderItems, which correspond to a concrete operation - e.g. create, modify or terminate - on one of the Resources that customer has. Order also has always a requestor and approver details.
  • Resource - a generic term to refer to everything, which has been purchased or provisioned with the help of Riigipilv.
You can see the list of Orders and Resources both in Organization and Project workspaces.

That's it for now -- feel free to try out our new interface and we would be very glad to hear feedback about it!

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